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Ensure your pet is happy and well year-round in Liberty Hill, TX. Liberty Hill Veterinary Wellness offers convenient and affordable wellness services and emergency care for your pet when in need.

To ensure your pet has a long and healthy life, give them regular wellness checks and vaccinations. We offer non-emergency care for your pet based on their age, breed, size, and special needs. We perform examinations, diagnostic testing, and vaccinations for your pets. If you are looking for routine or long-term veterinary care services, Liberty Hill Veterinary Wellness offers the latest care for all of your animal friends.

Pet Care

Regular pet care means more than just taking your pet to see a vet if they experience an injury or illness. It also means keeping your pets healthy as their bodies are able to fend off many problems. Bringing your pet in for wellness checks allows the veterinarian to spot any potential problems that may be overlooked or missed. We can check your pet’s temperature, weigh your pet, and draw blood to perform diagnosis.

We also provide breed-specific pet care. Certain breeds of cats, dogs, and other animals may have special medical needs. We take these factors into consideration to develop the right care plan tailored to their breed and lifestyle. This standard pet care helps to keep your pet healthy over their entire life.


Vaccinations are designed to boost your pet’s natural immune system against many illnesses as well as help them fend off serious diseases. The types of vaccinations that your pet will receive will depend on their breed and species. We administer both core vaccinations, which are vital, and non-core vaccinations. Common vaccinations include rabies shots, canine parvovirus shots, feline leukemia, distemper (cats and dogs) and canine hepatitis, feline herpesvirus, and many others.


Grooming helps your pet look and feel beautiful as well as care for many common skin problems that can impact your furry companion. Basic pet grooming consists of trimming nails, fur trimming to address medical issues such as mange, lice, fleas, and ticks, bathing pets in medicated shampoos, applying topical medications, cleaning ears to provide care for ear problems and infections, and brushing teeth.

Weight Management

One important aspect about animals’ health is their weight. Just like humans, if pets suddenly have a sudden increase in weight to the point that they are obese, the extra weight can cause extreme stress to the pets’ bodies and create a range of moderate to serious medical problems. Developing appropriate weight management programs for your specific pet ensures that they are at the right weight for their breed and species.

Weight management also addresses problems when your pet is losing too much weight. Whether you have a finicky feline or a dog that turns his nose up from whatever you place in the bowl, we can monitor their weight and figure out the best ways to get the pounds back on again. Also, often when a pet loses a lot of weight at one time, it may be an indication of a serious hidden medical issue. With our doctor of veterinary medicine, we will diagnose the problem and provide the treatment that will help get their weight back to normal levels.


When a pet has a tooth or gum problem, it can become difficult and even painful for them to eat. Teeth and gum problems can also lead to other serious medical issues. Dentistry services at a veterinary office can help to diagnose and treat conditions, disorders, and diseases. In addition to brushing your pet’s teeth, a vet can help to fix chipped teeth, extract rotten teeth, and perform dental surgery.

Fixing dental issues early on when first discovering the problem and practicing prevention methods are additional ways to help keep your pet healthy. The range of oral health that is given to your pet will be based on their species, breed, age, and current condition of their teeth.

Our veterinarian provides a smarter approach to wellness…

Veterinary Services

From traditional care to more advanced surgical, regenerative, and rehabilitative care, we’ve got you covered. We approach medical care from every angle, providing comprehensive treatment options. Liberty Hill Veterinary Wellness has a large team of veterinarians that are experienced in the care of dogs and cats. With a team of veterinary professionals working together to care for your pet, you can be confident in the care they receive.

Uncommon Talent

The veterinary team you will find here is second to none. Our doctors have an incredible breadth of backgrounds – from minimally invasive surgery, to regenerative medicine, to physical therapy, to critical care, and more. Our mission is no less than to raise the standards of healthcare that pets have access to. To build a brighter future where healing techniques are smarter and pets can better avoid disease. Because when you look into a pet’s eyes, you see loyalty, trust, and love. And that love is deserving of fierce protection.

Targeted Treatments

In the past, veterinary medicine has been far too enamored with a “one size fits all” approach. When you look at modern human medicine, the most successful techniques are highly targeted and based on an individual’s unique risk factors and biology. That is the approach we take here. Every pet who walks through our doors is seen, diagnosed, and treated as an individual. Every pet who walks through our doors receives incredible veterinary care. It is the way of the future. We’re bringing it to you, today.

Wait What?

If you have a pet, the next step is to give us a call. Our team will answer any questions you might have, and can schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you. During your pet’s appointment, we will carefully examine your companion’s different biological systems, and will ask you a bit about their history and lifestyle. If you have any concerns or goals, we will make sure to understand them and help. So just give us a call, and let’s get started.

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Animal Hospital Services

Is your pet not acting like its normal self? Are they lethargic, having stomach problems, or need emergency care? We also offer emergency hospital services. Come in with your pet immediately for compassionate and comprehensive treatment. We will examine your pet and perform diagnostic testing to determine the cause of the issue. Our veterinary care staff will provide the utmost care to make your pet happy and healthy again.

Animal hospital services can address any medical issue that cannot wait for a regular veterinary visit. Hospital work will vary based on the medical condition but may include examinations, X-rays, administration of medication, and emergency surgery. Your pet may have to be sedated as well as stay with us for a specific amount of time for the treatment to take effect. Then we will release your pet with a home treatment plan and perform post-op follow-up to ensure that your pet is on the path to full recovery.

So, whether your pet has been in an accident, experienced a fall, has a sprain or broken bone, or other immediate emergency issue, our animal hospital services are here to help.

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Pets are our companions, best friends, and important members in our families. You want to make sure they are happy and comfortable for their entire lives. However, we can never predict when our pets will become sick. It is also hard for our pets to communicate with us when they are having a medical issue. Obtaining timely preventive and emergency medical services can keep them healthy so they live long and full lives.

Liberty Hill Veterinary Services offers regular pet care and emergency animal hospital services to pets throughout Liberty Hill, Texas. Our pet care services are by appointment only as our animal hospital services accept both appointments and walk-ins. If you are unsure whether your pet needs standard care or animal hospital care, reach out to speak with our veterinary assistants.

Contact Liberty Hill Veterinary Wellness today to schedule an appointment or to ask about our wellness plans and additional services today!