TPLO Surgery

Liberty Hill Veterinary Wellness proudly offers the highest quality TPLO surgery* and outcomes at the most affordable price in the area. Also included in our TPLO package is comprehensive at-home physical therapy.

*If you prefer an alternative to TPLO surgery, we provide non-surgical options as well.

TPLO Surgery is Highly Effective

The most common cause of rear limb lameness in the dog is rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament. This injury leads to degenerative changes (osteoarthritis) in the knee. TPLO surgery has proven effective in returning these injured knees to full function. At least 90% of the dogs having the TPLO regain normal or near normal use of the limb.

After thoroughly examining your pet, and confirming a diagnosis, our TPLO surgeon, Dr. Murphy, will review the case with you. He will explain what is needed and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

TPLO Recovery

After your dog undergoes the surgery, he or she will need ample time to rest and recover. Healing takes approximately two months for the bone and slightly longer for the soft tissues. Strict confinement is mandatory during the healing process while physical therapy will be employed to help speed recovery and improve long term prognosis. Most patients return to controlled activity in 2 months and full activity in 3 to 4 months. Patients can return to athletic competition (field trial, hunting, agility trials, Schutzhund) usually by 6 months.

Discharge Instructions
TPLO Surgery in Round Rock, TX
Pre-TPLO Tibial Thrust
Post-TPLO Tibial Thrust
Pre-TPLO Cranial Drawer
Post-TPLO Cranial Drawer
TPLO Surgery in Round Rock, TX

Over 2,500 TPLO Surgeries Performed

Dr. Murphy is a residency trained surgeon who has performed well over 2,500 TPLO procedures for canine cruciate ligament repair. He has found TPLO to be clinically superior to the other techniques as evident in the success stories of many working and agility dogs that have gone back into competitive work. 

Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner

Dr. Murphy is also a canine certified rehabilitation practitioner (CCRP) which focuses on rehabilitation and conditioning of your pet to optimize pre and post surgical outcomes. 

Top Rated Veterinarian

There are many happy endings we can share with you, and no doubt Liberty Hill Veterinary Wellness is a reputable animal hospital trusted by the community – but don’t take our word for it, click here to read the 5 star reviews on Google!

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